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Customer Solutions Manager

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Job Type
Direct Hire
Oct 02, 2018
Job ID
  • All customer-facing communications
  • Receive and document customer complaints
  • Member of, and eventually Chair of CRB (Complaint Review Board)
  • Assist in and document customer complaint investigation
  • Report potential injury reportable events to RA/QA
  • Coordinate/Track/Trend customer complaints
  • Assist in any appropriate corrective and preventative actions regarding customer complaints as applicable
  • Scientifically support value proposition
  • Liaison between customer and operations
  • Coordinate with sales team for appropriate responses to potential customer inquiries
  • Travel to current and potential customer sites for sales support, new customer training, assay development training, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Awareness and adaptation to new pharma guidelines
  • Assist sales team in communication of any new guidelines from FDA/EMEA, etc. that may impact business to customers and potential customers
  • Continue to gather suggestions from the field to optimize products
  • Co-publish papers as needed
  • Launch customer studies to advance utilization of companies products
Business Development & Marketing
  • Assist in the discovery of new business partnership opportunities
  • Assist in the creation and technical writing of marketing collateral, website verbiage, etc.
  • Participate in and coordinate strategic scientific conferences/tradeshows/meetings
  • Design and execute (with assistance from other Global Comm Ops team members) market research studies for marketing/competitive info
  • Partner closely with other Global Comm Ops team to achieve new customers (e.g. participate in sales presentations and other pre-sale activities)
  • Over time, assist Global Comm Ops team in developing marketing points and assist in marketing collateral and competitive research on the current market landscape
  • Liaison between Customer Solutions and rest of the Global Comm Ops team
Specific Duties:
  • Have all products that are installed with for a trial or evaluation period be converted to a commitment to keep the system and maximize its utilization
  • Maximize the utilization of products already placed in customer laboratories
  • Develop plans to emphasize the need to build & maintain comprehensive and deep relationships with customer base and scientific staff throughout the industry
  • Participate with members of senior management to establish corporate strategic plans and objectives
  • Participate in developing and support compelling messages for the organization’s services to customers
  • Support the corporate objectives and highlight the delivery of our key selling messages
  • Ensure the company continues to be best-in-class
  • Understand the pharma/biotech drug submission process and the various rules, regulations, and recommendations.
  • Successfully complete and maintain all training programs and expertly deal with the concepts and complexities associated with testing and with all products
  • Required to attend various sales meetings, training and professional conferences around the globe on an as needed basis
  • Work closely with executive management to understand and communicate our product sales and marketing messages
  • Travel as needed to meet the needs of the company
  • Work as a team member to ensure that company goals and objectives are met
  • Comply with departmental and company training requirements
  • Always work with a daily sense of duty, discipline, and integrity
  • May be required to perform other related duties as required and/or assigned
Future Responsibilities:
As the company grows, you may be asked to expand the Customer Solutions team to include additional field support personnel. This responsibility will be under your purview and will result in various managerial/HR functions not included in the job description above. At which time, you will be responsible for:
  • Hiring/Training/Terminating the Customer Solutions team
  • Performing all applicable training and HR functions (along with Director of Finance and HR) as required
  • Maintaining team cohesion and participation with sales team
  • Maintain records and perform performance evaluations for the Customer Solutions team
  • Manage expenses within plan and work with direct reports to monitor overall expenses within the Customer Solutions and Global Comm Ops teams
  • Create and foster a supportive environment consistent with the culture within the Customer Solutions team


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